portrait of bouncer with arm outstretched outside nightclubImagine enjoying the vibrant Nashville nightlife as a tourist, only to face an unfortunate encounter with a bouncer. Your excitement quickly turns to shock and pain. Who should be held accountable? The bouncer, the bar owner, or someone else? At the Law Office of Bryan Stephenson, we’re committed to helping you navigate this difficult situation.

What Does a Bouncer Do?

A bouncer’s primary role is to maintain order, enforce house rules, and ensure everyone’s safety in a bar or club. They may ask unruly patrons to leave or intervene in disputes, always with a duty to act reasonably and within the law.

What Bouncers Can’t Do

While a bouncer has the right to maintain order in an establishment, there are limits to their authority. These restrictions are designed to protect patrons, like you, from the misuse of power. Here’s what bouncers can’t do:

In short, a bouncer’s role is to maintain a safe environment, not to intimidate or harm patrons. If you feel a bouncer has overstepped their boundaries, resulting in an injury, it’s crucial to seek legal help immediately.

What to Do If a Bouncer Injured You

If you’re a tourist injured by a bouncer in Tennessee, document the incident immediately. Get medical attention and report the incident to the police. Take photos of your injuries and the scene, and collect contact information from any witnesses. All these actions will be beneficial when seeking legal assistance.

Legal Defenses Against the Bouncer

Your rights as a tourist are just as important as those of a resident. If a bouncer injures you, you could have grounds for a lawsuit. Depending on the case, the bar owner might also be held liable for negligent hiring or failing to provide a safe environment.

Remember, being a tourist should not equate to being a victim. At the Law Office of Bryan Stephenson, we specialize in tourist crime defense in Nashville. With over 15 years of experience, Bryan offers an aggressive, dedicated defense for tourists facing such situations.

He understands the intricacies of these cases and the unique challenges that tourists face when dealing with local law enforcement and legal proceedings. He is committed to protecting your rights, fighting for fair compensation, and ensuring that your vacation nightmare turns into a pursuit of justice.

Don’t let an injury by a bouncer spoil your memories of Tennessee. Contact Bryan Stephenson, your tourist crime defense attorney in Nashville, today.

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I can’t let my head touch the pillow tonight without thanking my awesome attorney Bryan Stephenson for his diligence, hard work and expertise while handling my case. I was out of state and he took my case without a second guess! He only had a week to prepare for the two unfortunate misdemeanors I occurred. He was so professional and organized and answered all my questions. He was easy to get in touch with and my consequences were painless. As long as I do my do diligence my cases will be completely dismissed and expunged in 30 days. He is so understanding and the empathy he showed me was beyond my expectations. He is so trustworthy. Call him A.S.A.P if you are in need! in state or out of state; he can handle ANYTHING and you won’t be disappointed. I promise. Thanks again Mr. Stephenson.

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