two friends having a debate in the public parkImagine walking down the lively streets of Nashville, the music city of the world, soaking in the vibrant culture. Suddenly, a disagreement escalates, and you find yourself in the midst of a public altercation. As a tourist, it’s easy to underestimate the serious implications of such situations. In Tennessee, people fighting in public can lead to severe legal consequences, ranging from disorderly conduct charges to assault.

Disorderly Conduct: Fighting in Public

In Tennessee, fighting in public falls under the umbrella of ‘Disorderly Conduct,’ a statute that involves behaviors causing public nuisance or disturbances. It encompasses a variety of public misconduct, including using offensive language, obstructing traffic, refusing to obey lawful orders to disperse, or engaging in physical altercations.

For tourists, who may be unfamiliar with local laws, this could quickly escalate a minor disagreement into a legal quandary. What may seem like a heated exchange can be viewed by law enforcement as disorderly conduct, resulting in an arrest, a fine, or even potential jail time, tarnishing your vacation and leaving a lasting impact on your record.

Criminal Charges for Fighting in Public

Public altercations in Tennessee can lead to a variety of criminal charges. The most common are disorderly conduct, simple assault, and aggravated assault.

Each charge carries its own set of potential penalties, from fines to imprisonment. For tourists, these charges can add severe complications to a trip and potentially impact future travels or their personal records.

Penalties for Fighting in Public in Tennessee

The penalties for fighting in public in Tennessee can be severe and vary according to the nature of the offense.

For tourists, these penalties can cause considerable stress and disruption, potentially impacting future travel plans and even employment prospects. It is, therefore, crucial to seek legal representation if charged with such offenses in Tennessee.

As an experienced Nashville tourist crime defense attorney, Bryan offers exceptional representation and guidance through these challenging situations. Whether you’re facing a public fighting charge or other tourist crime, The Law Office of Bryan Stephenson provides the professional assistance you need to resolve your case efficiently and effectively.

Reach out to Bryan, your trusted tourist crime defense attorney in Nashville, and let him help you navigate the legal complexities. Remember, when it comes to fighting in public in Tennessee, it’s not just about understanding the law — it’s about protecting your rights as a tourist.

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I can’t let my head touch the pillow tonight without thanking my awesome attorney Bryan Stephenson for his diligence, hard work and expertise while handling my case. I was out of state and he took my case without a second guess! He only had a week to prepare for the two unfortunate misdemeanors I occurred. He was so professional and organized and answered all my questions. He was easy to get in touch with and my consequences were painless. As long as I do my do diligence my cases will be completely dismissed and expunged in 30 days. He is so understanding and the empathy he showed me was beyond my expectations. He is so trustworthy. Call him A.S.A.P if you are in need! in state or out of state; he can handle ANYTHING and you won’t be disappointed. I promise. Thanks again Mr. Stephenson.

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