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The Law Office of Bryan Stephenson has obtained successful results for many satisfied clients in a wide range of cases in the areas of criminal defense, DUI, drugs, weapons, and more.

Bryan’s responsive style of working with clients, his personal attention and care, his tenacity on his clients’ behalf, and his extensive knowledge of the law and the court system are all reflected in the gracious reviews he has received from clients.

If you’d like to know what it will be like to work with Bryan on your case, take a look at the words of some his clients below, and please take a look at his reviews on Avvo and Google+.

I hired Bryan after I was charged with a 1st offense DUI. I was terrified and assumed the worst, Bryan was always available to answer any questions I had and was always upfront about what “could” happen. In the end, we were able to get my charge reduced to reckless driving with only 6 months probation, no jail time/community service… no loss of license or interlock device! I would highly recommend him if you are ever in a bad situation!

I was pulled over after having a few beers over… multiple hours and arrested for a DUI, even though I performed completely fine on the sobriety test… I denied the breathalyzer so I was also charged with violating Tennessee’s Implied Consent Law. The typical punishment for these combined charges would be 48 hours in jail, up to a $500 fine, one year probation, DUI course, and revocation of my license for one year; however, Mr. Stephenson was able to obtain a plea bargain which dropped the Implied Consent violation and reduced the DUI charge to Reckless Driving with a $250 fine, 6 months probation and ignition interlock device, a DUI course, and no jail time. Not only was I able to keep my license, but this was all done during general sessions so I didn’t have to take my case to trial – which would have extended the process by about a year and cost me much more in court and lawyer fees.

Earlier this year my daughter, a senior in college, got a DUI in a very tough county in Tennessee. It occurred in the middle of the night, and not having any experience whatsoever with any family members ever having a DUI, I searched online for an attorney and came upon Bryan Stephenson. He was kind, professional, and very helpful in our navigating the legal world. Before we even got to the court date, my daughter received a 2nd DUI in another county. Bryan again was there for us. The first court date came up, and he obtained the best results we could have under the circumstances. Then, the second date came up and that one we were really worried about, couldn’t sleep thinking about what they could do to my young daughter. Many prayers and the expertise of this fine attorney yielded an outcome of a reduction to a first offense, two days jail time (when it could have been 45), 24 hrs community service, revoked license for one year, DUI course, and appearance at a MADD victim’s board. My husband and I, along with my daughter, would highly recommend Bryan to anyone experiencing a DUI.

Bryan helped with an intricate situation with my son being in prison in MO and violating probation in TN. He helped orchestrate the first interstate teleconference sentencing hearing in [Williamson] Co. He is thorough with great attention to detail and makes sure that his client understands everything that is happening. He communicates effectively and responds promptly to client queries. I am happy that he was our lawyer working on my son’s situation.

Recently went on a trip to Nashville for a 21st birthday that ended in a domestic violence charge. Although it’s only a misdemeanor, it is a very serious charge that could follow you everywhere. Never in my life have I been in trouble and I was scared to death. After reading tons of great reviews, I decided to chose Bryan as my lawyer. It was possibly the best choice ever ever made. I never had to travel back to Nashville and the case was dismissed on my second court day. Bryan also did all of my expungement paperwork the same day the case was dismissed, which I’ve found many other lawyers charge extra for. He was very quick to respond to all of our emails and phone calls, as well as being very assuring. I couldn’t of had a better outcome and it’s all his doing! Well worth every single penny!

I hired Bryan to help me with a hit-and-run investigation being conducted by the Metro Nashville Police Department. My nerves were completely frayed because I had never had a brush with the law before… Bryan listened to my side of the story… and then successfully defended me with no charges being filed, and no court costs being incurred. Most importantly, he spared me from the stress of being interviewed by a metro detective… and he did it all during the holiday season… Honestly and easily, hiring Bryan to intervene in my situation was the most important decision I have made in a long time. I would recommend him to anyone.

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I can’t let my head touch the pillow tonight without thanking my awesome attorney Bryan Stephenson for his diligence, hard work and expertise while handling my case. I was out of state and he took my case without a second guess! He only had a week to prepare for the two unfortunate misdemeanors I occurred. He was so professional and organized and answered all my questions. He was easy to get in touch with and my consequences were painless. As long as I do my do diligence my cases will be completely dismissed and expunged in 30 days. He is so understanding and the empathy he showed me was beyond my expectations. He is so trustworthy. Call him A.S.A.P if you are in need! in state or out of state; he can handle ANYTHING and you won’t be disappointed. I promise. Thanks again Mr. Stephenson.

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