Earlier this year my daughter, a senior in college, got a DUI in a very tough county in Tennessee. It occurred in the middle of the night, and not having any experience whatsoever with any family members ever having a DUI, I searched online for an attorney and came upon Bryan Stephenson. He was kind, professional, and very helpful in our navigating the legal world. Before we even got to the court date, my daughter received a 2nd DUI in another county. Bryan again was there for us. The first court date came up, and he obtained the best results we could have under the circumstances. Then, the second date came up and that one we were really worried about, couldn’t sleep thinking about what they could do to my young daughter. Many prayers and the expertise of this fine attorney yielded an outcome of a reduction to a first offense, two days jail time (when it could have been 45), 24 hrs community service, revoked license for one year, DUI course, and appearance at a MADD victim’s board. My husband and I, along with my daughter, would highly recommend Bryan to anyone experiencing a DUI.

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Bryan was stellar. He was extremely responsive, professional and and competent, and helped me quickly achieve the best result possible given my specific circumstances. I’m thankful to have had him serve as my advocate and would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.

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