drunk woman driving and holding beer bottle inside a carIn the state of Tennessee, the problem of driving under the influence (DUI) becomes notably more critical and concerning when it involves underage drivers. The gravity of this issue is heightened due to the vulnerability and lack of experience of younger individuals behind the wheel, combined with the risks associated with impaired driving.

The intricacies of underage DUI offenses in Tennessee cases, which can include varying degrees of severity and a range of potential legal outcomes, often necessitate a Nashville DUI lawyer.

Underage DUI as a ‘Misdemeanor Offense’

In Tennessee, underage driving under the influence (DUI) is treated as a misdemeanor offense. This classification is crucial, as it implies that the charge is a criminal offense, though less severe than a felony. For underage drivers, the threshold for blood alcohol content (BAC) is lower compared to adults:

Underage DUI as a ‘Delinquent Act’

Beyond being a misdemeanor, underage DUI can also be considered a delinquent act in Tennessee. This categorization is particularly relevant for drivers under the age of 18. Being labeled a delinquent can have long-term implications for a young person’s future, affecting everything from college applications to employment opportunities.

Penalties for Underage DUI in TN

The penalties for underage DUI in Tennessee are designed to be corrective rather than purely punitive. One common outcome is license suspension, ensuring that the underage driver is off the road for a designated period. In addition, a fine of $250 is typically imposed, along with mandatory community service. These penalties aim to educate and rehabilitate young offenders rather than subject them to jail time. However, a DUI lawyer in Nashville, TN may point out that the penalties can escalate for underage drivers who register a BAC level of .08% or higher. In such cases, the young driver faces the same penalties as an adult, highlighting the seriousness with which Tennessee treats DUI offenses.

Plea Bargain for an Underage DUI in TN

A plea bargain for an underage DUI in Tennessee can result in a lesser charge or to the original charge with more lenient terms than those typically imposed. This process is a common practice in the criminal justice system and is used for various reasons, including reducing the number of cases going to trial, allowing the court to handle cases more efficiently, and providing a resolution that both sides find acceptable.

A plea bargain can be a strategic choice, especially when the evidence against the defendant is strong, or the potential consequences of a trial are severe. However, it’s essential to approach this process with a clear understanding of the legal implications and with the guidance of an experienced attorney. Each case is unique, and the decision to enter into a plea bargain should be made after careful consideration of all the factors involved.

If you or a loved one is facing an underage DUI charge in Tennessee, contact us today for a free consultation and ensure your rights are protected. The Law Office of Bryan Stephenson is well-equipped to handle such cases, offering thorough legal guidance through these difficult times.

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