woman covering her face in fear of domestic violenceDomestic violence is a serious issue that transcends various relationship boundaries, including those involving former partners. While the focus often lies on current relationships, an alarming number of cases involve exes as well. If you find yourself facing a domestic violence charge in Nashville, TN, it is crucial to understand your legal rights and options. This article offers an overview of domestic violence involving ex-partners in Tennessee and the legal defenses available.

Domestic Violence Involving Ex-Partners

In Tennessee, domestic violence charges extend to individuals who are in or have been in a domestic relationship, including former partners. The law addresses various forms of abuse, including physical violence, emotional abuse, and threats. In addition to being emotionally taxing, facing domestic violence charges can result in serious legal ramifications, including but not limited to jail time, restraining orders, and potential loss of custody for the children involved. The signs of domestic violence can often be subtle, especially in relationships that have already ended. These can include stalking behaviors, constant messages or calls, or even attempts to sabotage a new relationship.

Legal Consequences of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence conviction can dramatically alter the course of your life, carrying with it a slew of legal consequences that vary in severity. At the minimum, you could be facing misdemeanor charges, which could lead to fines and up to 11 months and 29 days in jail. These consequences can escalate significantly for recurrent offenses or particularly violent acts, potentially resulting in felony charges. Felonies carry much stiffer penalties, which can include long-term imprisonment and hefty fines. Moreover, a domestic violence conviction can severely impact family law matters, including child custody arrangements, making it all the more crucial to consult a specialized Nashville domestic violence lawyer.

Challenging a Domestic Violence Charge

When facing a domestic violence charge, it is imperative to consult an experienced Nashville domestic violence lawyer. Your lawyer will provide a robust legal defense tailored to your case’s unique circumstances.

Domestic violence involving ex-partners is a complex issue that can have severe legal implications. If you are faced with such a charge in Nashville, TN, it is crucial to seek professional legal advice promptly. The Law Office of Bryan Stephenson specializes in providing stellar defense representation for those dealing with Tennessee domestic violence charges. Understanding your legal options and defenses can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the best course of action tailored to your situation.

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