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Being accused of a crime is frightening and stressful. You need someone who knows the process first-hand. As a former Nashville Assistant District Attorney, and now as a Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney, I know both sides and have proven results. Armed with nearly 20 years of experience, I am here to defend people just like you. Effective representation means taking care of clients without needless litigation, time, and expense. That is my goal in every case.

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The Law Office of Bryan Stephenson handles a wide range of criminal defense cases, including DUI, drugs, weapons, domestic assault, and more.
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Bryan was stellar. He was extremely responsive, professional and and competent, and helped me quickly achieve the best result possible given my specific circumstances. I’m thankful to have had him serve as my advocate and would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.

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Bryan Stephenson

Native Tennessean Bryan Stephenson has practiced law since 2004, and serves clients in Nashville and all counties in Middle Tennessee. Bryan’s expertise covers both felony & misdemeanor offenses: DUI, assault, domestic violence, theft, drug charges, alcohol-related crimes, and pretty much anything that could land you in jail. Using the insight he obtained as an Assistant District Attorney for Davidson County, Bryan helps his clients navigate the criminal justice system, and achieve the best possible results.

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